Bruce Highway—Nielsen Avenue to Plentiful Creek safety works

We are delivering a package of works that will improve safety through wide centre line treatment and intersection upgrades north of Rockhampton, from Neilsen Avenue to Plentiful Creek. This project has been identified as part of the program of works to reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes on the Bruce Highway.

We are improving safety for road users by utilising protected right hand turn lanes, wide centre line treatment, safer roadside treatments including batter flattening, removal of isolated hazards and provision of barriers and improvements to intersections. 

Project locations north of Rockhampton include: 

  • Angela Road – Greenlake Road 
  • Greenlake Road/Dawson Road intersection 
  • Greenlake Road – Meldrum Road
  • Meldrum Road – Etna Creek Road.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Better road access

Key features

  • Safer roadside treatments including:
    • batter flattening
    • removal of isolated hazards
    • provision of safety barriers
  • Improved safety by allowing increased separation between passing vehicles
  • Intersection improvements
  • Installation of wide centre line treatment
  • Installation of protected high hand turn lanes.


The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments.

Total investment
$18.271 million
Australian Government
$14.617 million
Queensland Government
$3.654 million

Current status

We are in the pre-construction phase.