Mackay Northern Access Upgrade, construct additional lanes

Construction is underway to upgrade the Bruce Highway and major intersections north of Mackay to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow in critical areas.

This will deliver extra traffic lanes on the Bruce Highway from Ron Camm Bridge to just south of Bald Hill Road, increasing the capacity of the Bruce Highway and side roads while improving levels of service for through traffic, reducing delays and queuing during peak hour.

The upgrade recognises the needs of everyone who uses this section of highway, from long-distance freight vehicles to tourist traffic, and the increasing local traffic travelling to and from Mackay's northern suburbs.


  • Improves safety
  • Better road access
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces interchange queuing
  • Reduces travel time
  • Improves ride quality

Key features

  • Increasing the Bruce Highway from 4 to 6 lanes from Ron Camm Bridge to the Mackay-Bucasia Road turn off.
  • Widening the Goosepond Creek bridges.
  • Extending existing left and right-turn lanes on the approaches to the signalised intersections at Sams Road and Mackay-Bucasia Road.
  • Providing an additional right-turn lane at the Mackay-Bucasia Road intersection.
  • Providing left-turn options only entering onto the Bruce Highway from Phillip Street, Hill End Road and Bald Hill Road.  
  • Increasing the Bruce Highway from 2 lanes to 4 lanes for through vehicles north from Mackay-Bucasia Road to the Davey Street overpass.
  • Constructing new bridge overpasses at Davey Street.
  • Upgrading the intersection at Hill End Road.
  • Constructing a new bridge at Janes Creek and widen the existing structure.
  • Realigning Janes Creek.
  • Upgrading the intersection at Blue Gum Drive.

Key milestones

  • 2017: geotechnical investigations and detailed design.
  • Late 2018: tenders for construction called.
  • Late 2019: construction contract awarded.
  • March 2020: early works commenced.
  • April 2020: construction commenced.
  • Late 2020: Janes Creek bridge southbound completed.
  • Late 2020: new traffic signals at Sams Road/Heath’s Road intersection completed.
  • Mid-2021: widening works on Ron Camm Bridge to Mackay-Bucasia Road completed.
  • Mid-2021: Davey Street overpass and demolition of old bridge completed.
  • Mid-2021: Goosepond Creek Bridge widening (northbound) completed. 
  • Late 2021: Goosepond Creek Bridge widening (southbound). 
  • Late 2021: Janes Creek Bridge widening (northbound).
  • August 2022: construction completion expected.


This project is jointly funded by the Queensland and Australian governments. Investment ID 10668

Total investment
$144.55 million
Australian Government
$115.64 million
Queensland Government
$28.91 million

Current status

Construction started in April 2020 with CPB Contractors delivering the works.

Positive outcomes for Janes Creek

Janes Creek originates in the hills and cane lands of Farleigh and Richmond around 10km north-west of the CBD of Mackay. The creek changes its name to The Gooseponds downstream of Farleigh. It then passes through the localities of Glenella and Mount Pleasant and eventually joins Vines Creek in North Mackay, which discharges into the Bassett Basin at the mouth of the Pioneer River.

The watercourse is deeply carved with steep banks. During environmental surveys in 2017, a near vertical dry pitched rock was identified on the southern side of the creek bank. As rock walls in nearby Farleigh were found to be of South Sea Islander origin, this dry pitched rock warranted some investigation.

With historical research and stakeholder consultation the dry pitched rock was determined to likely be a form of scour protection constructed more than 50 years ago to protect the adjacent highway.

Construction activities

The Bruce Highway between Janes Creek and Blue Gum Drive will be duplicated on the northern side which will require a partial realignment of Janes Creek.

The realigned Janes Creek will attempt to mimic natural flow conditions and retain channel capacity, while still retaining a similar channel network. Revegetation of the watercourse's riparian environment will occur using local plant species.

The realigned section will also be 'fish friendly' with the inclusion of fish-accessible structures and the placement of logs and rocks at random locations to provide habitat for fish and other aquatic wildlife.

It has been determined that much of the rock at Janes Creek was a form of scour protection. Many of these rocks will be salvaged and reused in the permanent alignment to provide habitat for fish and other aquatic fauna.

Mackay Northern Access Upgrade overview map
Mackay Northern Access Upgrade Project map overview
Map 1 – Ron Camm Bridge to North Point Retail

Mackay Northern Access Upgrade Project map part 1

Map 2 – North Point Retail to Greenfields

Mackay Northern Access Upgrade Project map part 2

Map 3 – Greenfields to Phillip Street

Mackay Northern Access Upgrade Project map part 3

Map 4 – Phillip Street to Davey Street Overpass

Mackay Northern Access Upgrade Project map part 4

Map 5 – Davey Street Overpass to Blue Gum Drive

Mackay Northern Access Upgrade Project map part 5

Map 6 – Blue Gum Drive to Mackay Ring Road roundabout

Mackay Northern Access Upgrade Project map part 6