Pacific Motorway M1 Palm Beach Nineteenth Avenue to Tugun

We are upgrading the Pacific Motorway (M1) between Palm Beach and Tugun (Package C) as part of the Varsity Lakes to Tugun (VL2T) upgrade.

In this 5km section, we will be:

  • widening the M1 to a minimum of 3 lanes in both directions
  • widening and upgrading the Nineteenth Avenue overpass  
  • constructing a new signalised intersection at KP McGrath Drive
  • extending facilities for the full length of the western service road 
  • upgrading existing pedestrian and bike access across the Nineteenth Avenue overpass 
  • improving paths through the Palm Beach interchange and beyond to Guineas Creek Road 
  • using smart motorway technologies to help reduce ‘stop-start’ travel on the motorway  
  • replacing the existing concrete road surface with stone mastic asphalt for a quieter, more stable and durable road surface 
  • preserving a corridor for a potential future rail extension. 


  • Improves safety
  • Better road access
  • Increases capacity
  • Reduces travel time
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Better active transport

Key features

Two-way western service road

The VL2T upgrade includes a new western service road with one lane in each direction, starting from the Tallebudgera Interchange (Exit 89) in Package B and continuing south to Palm Beach (Exit 92) as part of Package C. A four-way signalised intersection will connect the new service road to Nineteenth Avenue to provide locals with alternative options when moving around their neighbourhoods.

Nineteenth Avenue overpass

The Nineteenth Avenue overpass and approaches will be upgraded to improve access to the M1 and surrounding local roads. A new signalised intersection will connect Nineteenth Avenue to the new two-way western service road. The overpass bridge will be reconstructed to allow for the motorway widening, while active transport paths will be provided across the overpass and north and south the service road.

KP McGrath Drive

KP McGrath Drive will be a pivotal intersection, with the new western service road and relocated northbound Exit 92 off-ramp meeting at this point. Traffic signals will be installed at the KP McGrath Drive intersection to safely cater for these additional movements as well as the northbound Exit 92 on-ramp.

Palm Beach Interchange (Exit 92)

The Palm Beach Interchange will be upgraded to improve safety on both sides of the M1 for motorists, pedestrians and bike riders. The northbound off-ramp will be moved further north so that, instead of ending at the Palm Beach Avenue underpass, it will connect safely into a new signalised intersection at KP McGrath Drive. The southbound off-ramp will be extended and combined with the Currumbin (Exit 93) off-ramp. For motorists heading to Sarawak Avenue, they will take the Palm Beach (Exit 92) off-ramp, continue along a dedicated service lane that is immediately adjacent to, but separated from the M1 by a concrete barrier, and exit at the signalised intersection at Sarawak Avenue.


Total investment
$1 billion
Australian Government
$500 million
Queensland Government
$500 million

Key milestones

  • Late 2017: Options analysis and preliminary evaluation completed for the VL2T upgrade
  • Early 2018: TMR partnered with Building Queensland to develop a detailed business case for the project. A design consultant was appointed to develop the overarching reference design
  • Late 2018: The completed business case was referred to Infrastructure Australia for assessment
  • 2019-2020: Preliminary and detailed design
  • July 2019: Infrastructure Australia endorsed the business case and listed the upgrade as a Priority Project on the Infrastructure Priority List
  • October 2019: Introductory newsletter released showcasing some key features
  • November 2019: Community information sessions held for Varsity Lakes to Burleigh (Package A)
  • 5-7 and 12-14 March 2020: Community information sessions held for Burleigh to Palm Beach (Package B) and Palm Beach to Tugun (Package C)
  • 2020: Design complete on all three motorway widening packages — A, B and C
  • May 2020: Construction started on Varsity Lakes to Burleigh (Package A)
  • Late 2020: Construction expected to start on Burleigh to Palm Beach (Package B) and possibly some early works on Palm Beach to Tugun (Package C)
  • 2021: Motorway widening on all three packages will be underway across the 10km route
  • Late 2022: Package A construction expected to be complete
  • Late 2023: Motorway widening across the 10km route expected to be complete
Project updates

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Varsity Lakes to Burleigh (package A) newsletter

Burleigh to Palm Beach (package B) newsletter

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Package C (Palm Beach to Tugun)