Pacific Motorway M1 Varsity Lakes to Burleigh

The Pacific Motorway (M1) Varsity Lakes to Tugun (VL2T) is being upgraded and it will be delivered in packages.

All motorway widening works – Packages A, B and C – are now underway. Construction on the first section between Varsity Lakes and Burleigh (Package A) is progressing well.

In this 2km section, we are:

  • widening the M1 to a minimum of 3 lanes in both directions 
  • extending and relocating the Exit 85 northbound off-ramp by 250m 
  • adding a 4th northbound lane between Burleigh (Exit 87) and Reedy Creek (Exit 85)
  • installing a new shared bike and pedestrian path on the western side of the motorway 
  • constructing a new Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at Exit 87 
  • using smart motorway technologies to help reduce 'stop-start' travel on the motorway 
  • replacing the existing concrete road surface with stone mastic asphalt for a quieter and easier maintained road surface
  • preserving a corridor for a potential future rail extension. 


  • Improves safety
  • Better road access
  • Increases capacity
  • Reduces travel time
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Better active transport

Key features

A new Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at Exit 87
Exit 87 will soon be transformed using an innovative DDI, which will provide a new way of managing existing traffic volumes and increasing demands. This new configuration will improve safety and keep large traffic volumes moving quickly. Find out more by viewing a video showing how the new Diverging Diamond Interchange will operate.

Extended and relocated the new Exit 85 northbound off-ramp
Now open: The former Exit 85 off-ramp at Reedy Creek, which previously joined the roundabout at Old Coach Road and Kingsmore Boulevard, would often queue back onto the M1 during peak traffic times. The new extended off-ramp, now located 200m north of the former off-ramp, will improve motorist safety and increase capacity in this location of the road network. The new off-ramp connects directly to Old Coach Road near Woodland Park via a new signalised intersection. 

Active transport connections
A new shared bike and pedestrian path, approximately 3m wide, will be constructed on the western side of the motorway. This new path will connect from the Burleigh (Exit 87) interchange, run adjacent to the northbound motorway lanes, and join the local bikeway network at the new Exit 85/Old Coach Road northbound off-ramp. A 1.8m high safety barrier will separate the new shared path from the motorway lanes.

Smart motorway technologies
Smart motorway technologies help to reduce 'stop-start' travel, improve safety and provide more predictable travel times for motorists.
See the Smart motorway fact sheet for more information.


Investment ID 852582

Total investment
$1 billion
Australian Government
$680 million
Queensland Government
$320 million

Key milestones

  • Late 2019: Community information sessions held to obtain feedback on the design.
  • Early 2020: Design complete on Package A Varsity Lakes to Burleigh.
  • May 2020: Construction commenced on Package A Varsity Lakes to Burleigh.
  • Mid- to late 2022: Construction on Package A expected to finish. 

Varsity Lakes to Burleigh drive-through