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Making an application to be an Approved Person

Before making an application

Before making an application, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the Approved Person Scheme and review and have access to:

  • relevant legislation
  • approved codes of practice
  • Australian Design Rules
  • Business Rules for Approved Persons (Vehicle Modifications).

For more information about modifications and vehicle standards, refer to the vehicle standards and modifications webpage.

Making an application  

Note: If you reside outside of Queensland (except WA and NT), you are not eligible for approved person accreditation for heavy vehicle modification codes. However, you can apply for approved person accreditation for light vehicle modification codes.

To make an application to become an approved person, you need to:

If you reside interstate, to make an application to become an approved person you need to:

Information about criminal history checks

Once you make an application and pay the application fee, the department electronically requests a criminal history report from the Queensland Police Service (QPS). This is to ensure that only suitable persons are accredited to act as approved persons on behalf of the department. The Suitable Persons Policy contains further information about suitability requirements.

Criminal history reports issued directly to applicants by the QPS (or any third party) and provided with your application are not necessary for your application and will not be accepted.

If you are required to have a criminal history check and do not hold a current Queensland driver licence or customer reference number, you are required to complete New Customer Application Form (form number F3503) and comply with Evidence of Identity Requirements for Individuals before making an application.

Application and decision making process

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application. If we require further information to support your application, we will contact you by email or telephone. If your application is approved, we will provide you with an approved person accreditation document. If your application is refused, we will provide you with an information notice providing reasons why your application has been refused and your appeal options.

In some cases, we may approve your approved person application for specific modification codes but refuse to approve other modification codes. If this occurs, we will issue you with an approved person accreditation document for the modification codes that have been approved, and an information notice for the modification codes that have been refused.

Last updated
25 August 2017