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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Industry experience and qualifications for approved persons

Where a vehicle has been modified outside a vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications, members of the public place their trust in approved persons to certify the modification. Public and vehicle safety are our paramount concerns and we have an obligation to the public to ensure that only persons with the appropriate qualification, knowledge and industry experience, are approved to be approved persons.

Industry experience

We require all applicants to have at least five years industry experience in the manufacture, maintenance and modification of vehicles. Your industry experience needs to be relevant to the type of modification code(s) you are applying for and must be a period equal to five years within the last ten years. We require verifiable evidence of industry experience and you must provide it with your approved persons’ application. Read more about industry experience.


Each modification code (for both light and heavy vehicle modifications) has a minimum qualification requirement. Depending on your qualification and industry experience, you may be eligible for several light and heavy vehicle modification codes. Read more about approved person qualifications.

Last updated 04 August 2022