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Vehicle modification codes

All of the approved codes of practice are divided into a number of sections which refer to a particular category of vehicle modification (for both light and heavy vehicle modifications).

For more information about each modification code, refer to the relevant approved codes of practice.

Light vehicle modification codes

Modification codes LH9 and LH10 of the Queensland Code of Practice: Vehicle Modifications (QCOP) are only to be used to certify modifications to light vehicles.

The following modification codes have not been adopted in Queensland:

Section LA – Engine 

  • LA1: Equivalent Engine Installation
  • LA2: Performance Engine Installation
  • LA3: Supercharger and Turbo Charger Installation
  • LA4: Engine Modifications

Section LB – Transmissions

  • LB1: Transmission Substitution
  • LB2: Rear Axle Substitution

Section LC – Vehicle Controls

More information on these modifications can be found in the QCOP.

  • LC1: Dual-controls for Driver Trainer Vehicles (Design)
  • LC2: Dual-controls for Driver Trainer Vehicles (Modification)
  • LC3: Vehicle Controls for Persons with a Disability (Design)
  • LC4: Vehicle Controls for Persons with a Disability (Modification)

Section LG – Brakes

  • LG1: Brake System Conversion (Design)
  • LG2: Brake System Conversion Section

Section LH – Body and Chassis

  • LH1: Roof Conversion (Design)
  • LH2: Roof Conversion
  • LH3: Modified Wheelbase Conversion (Design)
  • LH4: Modified Wheelbase Conversion
  • LH5: Vehicle Construction (Design)
  • LH6: Vehicle Construction
  • LH7: Body/Chassis Variants Conversion
  • LH9: Street Rod Certification (Concessional) (More information in the QCOP)
  • LH10: Street Rod Certification (Full) (More information in the QCOP)
  • LH11: Campervan, Motorhome Conversion Section

Section LK – Seating and Occupant Protection

  • LK1: Seat and Seatbelt Installation/Removal
  • LK2: Seat and Anchorage Certification
  • LK6: Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
  • LK8: Construction and Installation of One-Off Roll-bars and Roll-cages by Individuals
  • LK9: Design and Manufacture of Commercial Aftermarket Roll-bars, Roll-cages and Other Types of Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS)
  • LK10: Installation of Aftermarket Roll-bars, Roll-cages and ROPS Section

Section LL – Modifications to Motorcycles

  • LL1: Conversion of Motorcycle (LC) to Motor Tricycle (LEM1)

Section LM – Fuel Systems

  • LM1: Fuel Tank Installation Section

Section LO – Vehicle Standards Compliance

  • LO1: ADR Compliance
  • LO2: ICV Passenger Cars and Derivatives
  • LO3: Personally Imported Vehicle Compliance
  • LO4: ICV LEM1 Tricycle
  • LO5: ICV LEP1 Tricycle
  • LO7: ICV Motorcycle

Section LS – Tyres, Rims, Suspension and Steering

  • LS1: LHD Vehicle Steering Conversion (Design)
  • LS2: LHD Vehicle Steering Conversion
  • LS3: Front Suspension and Steering Modification (Design)
  • LS4: Front Suspension and Steering Modification
  • LS5: Rear Suspension Modification (Design)
  • LS6: Rear Suspension Modification
  • LS9: High Lift – Up to 150mm (Design Certification) (More information in the QCOP)
  • LS10: High Lift – Up to 150mm Modification Certification (More information in the QCOP)
  • LS11: GVM Increase (More information in the QCOP)
  • LS12: Light Trailer Modifications (More information in the QCOP)
  • LS14: Re-rating of Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)/Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of a Light Trailer to Manufacturer's Specifications (More information in the QCOP)
  • LS15: Gross Vehicle Mass Rating of Light Vehicles (More information in the QCOP)

Section LT – Test Procedures

  • LT1: Beam and Torsion Tests
  • LT2: Lane Change Manoeuvre Test
  • LT3: Exhaust Emissions – IM240 Test
  • LT4: Noise Test 

Section LV – Alternative Power Units

  • LV1: Installation of Electric Drives in Motor Vehicles

Section LX – TMR Individual Approval

  • LX1: Modification of Light Vehicles to TMR individual approval. 

Heavy vehicle modification codes

Unless authorised in writing by Transport and Main Roads and under section 13(2)(b) of the Transport Operations (Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation 2010, modification codes in the VSB6 and modification codes S4, S5, S6, S10 and S13 in the QCOP are only to be used to certify modifications to heavy vehicles.

Section A – Engine and Ancillaries

  • A1: Engine Substitution
  • A2: Air Cleaner Substitution or Additional Fitment
  • A3: Turbo Charger Installation
  • A4: Exhaust System Alteration
  • A5: Road Speed Limiter Installation

Section B – Transmission Modification

  • B1: Transmission Substitution of Additional Fitment

Section C – Tail Shaft Modification

  • C1: Tail Shaft alterations    

Section D – Rear Axles

  • D1: Rear Axle Installation
  • D2: Differential Substitution
  • D3: Fitting of non-standard rear wheel components

Section E – Front Axle, Steering Wheels and Tyres

  • E1: Front Axle Installation
  • E2: Steering Alteration
  • E3: Fitting of non-standard front wheel components

Section F – Suspension Modifications

  • F1: Suspension substitution     
  • F2: Trailer suspension modifications

Section G – Brakes

  • G1: Relocation of air brake components
  • G2: Installation of trailer braking controls
  • G3: Trailer brake system upgrade
  • G4: Motor vehicle brake system certification
  • G5: Fitting of auxiliary and endurance brakes
  • G6: Fitting of air operated accessories
  • G7: Brake system substitution/wheelbase extension
  • G8: Trailer brake system upgrade (design)

Section H – Chassis  

  • H1: Wheelbase extension outside OEM options
  • H2: Wheelbase reduction outside OEM options
  • H3: Wheelbase alterations within OEM
  • H4: Chassis alteration
  • H5: Trailer chassis modifications

Section J – Body Mounting

  • J1: Body mounting
  • J2: Truck-bus body fitting
  • J3: Fitting of roll-over or falling object protection system

Section K – Cabin

Section M – Fuel Systems 

  • M1: Fuel system alterations

Section P – Tow Couplings

  • P1: Towbar and coupling installation other than fifth wheels and kingpins
  • P2: Fifth wheel and kingpin installation

Section R – Vehicle Mounted Lifting Systems

  • R1: Installation of vehicle mounted lifting systems
  • R2: Wheelchair loader installation

Section S – Vehicle Rating

Section T – Tow Truck Modification

  • T1: Tow trucks (construction)
  • T2: Tow trucks (design)
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21 September 2021