Draft Townsville Mobility Strategy

We would like your feedback on the draft Townsville Mobility Strategy.

The draft Townsville Mobility Strategy outlines strategic priorities and key initiatives to enhance the convenience and reliability of the passenger transport system in Townsville.

The draft strategy sets out our proposed vision and direction for how the Queensland Government will work with Townsville City Council, the Australian Government, our service partners and the community to deliver a passenger transport system that meets the future needs of Townsville.


  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Increases capacity
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth

Route to a connected city

Townsville is the largest city in Northern Queensland. To support its ongoing growth and development, safe, convenient and reliable travel options should be available to everyone. The Townsville Mobility Strategy will guide the development of Townsville’s passenger transport system and supporting networks over the next 15 years. 

Statistics on travel

  • Infographic description
    • 90% of trips to and from places of employment are undertaken by private vehicle
    • Only 1% by passenger
    • 5% active transport modes
    • 4% of people work from home

    Statistics are based on 2016 ABS figures

This draft strategy outlines how Townsville's passenger transport system can be transformed to provide efficient, equitable and convenient travel options for the people of Townsville. The initiatives address: 
  • customer experience 
  • network operations
  • infrastructure (including catalyst passenger transport infrastructure) 
  • government policy (including travel demand management). 

To ensure coordinated action and maximised benefits Townsville needs all levels of government to plan, invest and deliver land use and transport these initiatives together. These initiatives will be used to inform a coordinated program of actions and investment by the Queensland Government and Townsville City Council (TCC) and to demonstrate a clear vision and priorities to the Australian Government.

A modernised network, a customer focus, targeted improvements

This draft strategy outlines the route to a better-connected Townsville. The city will be easily accessible and its most populous and popular locations will be connected. This more attractive, accessible, legible and safe passenger transport network for Townsville will be sustainably delivered through

  • a modernised network that applies fit-for-purpose contemporary network and infrastructure design to efficiently connect people to where they want and need to go
  • a customer focus that understands the needs and wants of our current and potential customers and gives them the information they need to make informed choices
  • targeted improvements that respond to urgent problems, quick wins, greatest customer benefits and emerging opportunities with focused investments.

Download the draft Townsville Mobility Strategy.

Feedback on the draft Townsville Mobility Strategy closed on 15 September 2021. Thank you to the stakeholders and community that provided comments, we will consider all feedback provided.