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Spot checks for approved persons

Spot checks are conducted on approved persons to monitor their performance and to ensure they are complying with the conditions of their accreditation. The current spot check checklist describes what an auditor will be looking at during the spot check. The checklist can also be used as a tool to ensure that an approved person complies with the conditions of their approved person accreditation.

At the conclusion of the spot check, you will receive an approved person spot checklist report. We use the spot checklist report as a tool to monitor your performance as an approved person and your compliance with legislation and the conditions of your accreditation.

If non-compliance is identified, you will be issued with a corrective action request. You will be required to provide evidence to demonstrate you have completed the corrective action request. Failing to comply with these requirements may be a breach of the conditions of your approved persons’ accreditation and further action may be taken.

Last updated
23 June 2021