Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail

We're connecting our growing communities with more frequent and reliable train services between Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.

South East Queensland (SEQ) has experienced significant growth over the last 2 decades. This growth is expected to continue with an estimated 5.04 million people living in the region by 2036. To harness this growth and support our region's thriving communities we must keep evolving the rail network so that it plays a bigger role in moving people around SEQ.

To support our growing population and rail patronage demand between Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast, we need to double the number of Beenleigh and Gold Coast train services over the next 20 years.

The rail line between Kuraby and Beenleigh is a key capacity bottleneck on the network. Currently, trains between Kuraby and Beenleigh share a single track in each direction, limiting the number of peak services that can run. During peak periods, all-stop Beenleigh trains need to be held to one side to allow Gold Coast express trains to pass through. 

The Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail project will address this problem by doubling the number of tracks between Kuraby and Beenleigh, with modernised rail systems, station upgrades, and level crossing removals. 

The project remains in the planning phase and is subject to further approvals by the Australian and Queensland governments.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Better road access
  • Increases car parks
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Better active transport
  • Improves ride quality

Key features

Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail will deliver:

  • double the capacity of the Gold Coast rail line
  • approximately 20km of new tracks and rail systems between Kuraby station and Beenleigh station, increasing the corridor from 2 tracks to 4 tracks
  • new train signalling technology between Salisbury and Varsity Lakes
  • station upgrades to improve accessibility, safety and amenity, including platform straightening, additional park 'n' ride spaces, and new pedestrian bridges with lifts
  • a new Loganlea station will be delivered as a part of the Loganlea station relocation and park 'n' ride expansion project
  • a new Trinder Park station relocated to the straightened section of track to improve train speeds and connectivity to the rail network
  • level crossing removals at Kuraby, Woodridge, Bethania, Holmview and Beenleigh
  • extension of the cattle siding at Holmview
  • dedicated active transport facilities and paths along the corridor.


The Australian Government and Queensland Government are funding the project. Investment ID 2008163.

Funding figures updated December 2023 to reflect increased Australian Government and Queensland Government contributions.

Total investment
$5.75 billion
Australian Government
$2.875 billion
Queensland Government
$2.875 billion

Current status

We have completed community engagement on the refined reference design with a summary of the outcome available in early 2024.  

The results of engagement on the detailed design for the Loganlea Station Relocation project will also be included in the engagement summary.

Project timeline

  • September to October 2021: Community engagement on business case
  • 2022–2023: Further refinement of the reference design
  • August 2023: Procurement activities started
  • November to December 2023: Community engagement on refined reference design
  • 2024: Expected contract awarded

Community engagement

We are currently reviewing your feedback from the community engagement we held in November and December 2023.

During the engagement period, we:

  • delivered flyers
  • held community drop-in sessions
  • met with community groups and key stakeholders
  • launched an online engagement platform, where the community could view project materials and provide feedback via an online survey.

The findings will be used to inform the detailed design and we expect to release a summary of the engagement in early 2024. 

Field investigations

You might notice some field investigations being conducted at selected sites throughout the corridor. This information will help us understand more about the existing conditions and environment along the rail corridor.

If we need access to private property, we will contact the owners in advance to make suitable arrangements.


We started the procurement process in late 2023, and expect to appoint contractors in 2024, subject to government approvals.

Construction timeframes will be confirmed once contractors have been appointed.

Information for property owners

Property owners who have been informed they are directly impacted by this project may be eligible to apply for a strategic purchase of their property. A strategic purchase allows owners to voluntarily apply to sell their property to the department before the formal resumption process.

While there is no difference between the compensation assessment process of a strategic purchase and compulsory acquisition, a strategic purchase can provide property owners with more flexibility in the timing of the sale.

If you have been advised that your property is directly impacted by the project, you may be eligible to apply for a strategic purchase. Contact the project team to understand your eligibility and to apply.

We want to ensure that people interested in buying property in the area are also aware of the project. A Transport and Main Roads property search will show if there is a property requirement for the land. Potential owners can contact the project team with any questions.

Information for local business owners

We've been visiting local businesses along the project corridor to provide an update on the project and to gather information and feedback to inform future planning. 

Local business owners are encouraged to register their details with us by contacting the project team on 1800 957 066 or by emailing LGC.Business@tmr.qld.gov.au.

Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail location map

Map details the train line from Beenleigh to Kuraby

The project is located along the rail corridor from Kuraby station, south to Beenleigh station. In the background both the road network and the Logan River are shown. The map identifies the alignment of the tracks and shows stations including (from north to south) Kuraby, Trinder Park, Woodridge, Kingston, Loganlea, Bethania, Edens Landing, Holmview and Beenleigh. The track alignment shows the curved section of track at the existing Trinder Park station location and where the new section of straightened track will run in its place. The map also shows the locations of five level crossings that will be removed as part of the project. These are located at Kuraby, Woodridge, Bethania and two near Holmview station in Beenleigh.