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Department of Transport and Main Roads


Passengers on Gold Coast tram service, image includes single parent with school children, young women travelling alone, culturally diverse families.

The following quotes are included in the TMR Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy Insights Report – Department of Transport and Main Road in partnership with Deloitte, September 2019.

Quotes from our customers

  • "Engage with me early – and don’t try to retrofit"
  • "Give me easy access to information and transport"
  • "I need a person to talk to – especially when I'm struggling" 
  • "Don't treat me differently"
  • "I want to feel safe – at all times of the day and on all modes of transport"

Quotes from our employees

  • "Make me feel appreciated – as a person and as an employee" 
  • "Support me by investing in me and providing opportunities 
  • "Communicate with me respectfully and openly"
  • "Be flexible: let's adapt the workplace, role and schedule to both our needs" 

Quotes from our partners 

  • "Communicate what your requirements and standards are"
  • "Everyone is working in isolation – we would like more collaboration and shared accountability"
  • "Why are we looking at the short term? It takes a long time to execute"
  • "Make it clear what your priorities are"

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Last updated 16 July 2020