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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Message from the Director-General

Director-General Neil ScalesAs the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) Director-General and Champion for People with Disability, I am pleased to present the TMR Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy (AIS). The AIS will support TMR in achieving our vision to create a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

Mobility is critical to everyone, and accessible and inclusive transport is a vital component of reducing the social exclusion of vulnerable people, especially those with disabilities. TMR has a responsibility to the community to provide a transport network that is accessible and inclusive of everyone as we connect people, to work, places, goods and services across Queensland every day.

TMR is committed to providing an inclusive public transport system to everyone. Over the years we have implemented a number of initiatives to increase the accessibility of our transport network.  While we have made improvements to accessible transport services there are many people in Queensland who still find it difficult or impossible to travel by bus, train or ferry.

TMR has engaged with a broad range of customers, staff and partners across Queensland to co-design the Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy

The strategy is about creating a transport network that is convenient to use, easy to access and welcoming of everyone.

I am committed to making TMR not only a world leader in the provision of accessible and inclusive transport but also an accessible and inclusive employer of choice. As an organisation, TMR is dedicated to replicating the diversity of our customer base within our workforce by ensuring that our workplaces and work practices are accessible and inclusive for our people, now and in the future.

I encourage you all to become an accessibility advocate and be the voice for change.

Neil Scales OBE
Department of Transport and Main Roads

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Last updated 16 July 2020