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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Our progress so far

 Man in powered wheelchair under a disability parking sign

TMR have already undertaken significant work to deliver an accessible and inclusive experience for all. Many current initiatives seek to address different facets of accessibility and inclusion, including the Queensland Transport Strategy, Queensland Walking Strategy, co-design in infrastructure and service development, cultural awareness training and accessibility stage gates for project managers. 

However, we recognise that more is needed to ensure that transport products, services, information and infrastructure in Queensland are fully accessible for all.

Work to date

A snapshot of the recent initiatives we have already undertaken, highlighting our dedication to improving the accessibility of Queensland’s transport network, include:

  • implementing all 24 Forde Commission of Inquiry New Generation Rollingstock Train recommendations across TMR and co-design of rollingstock.
  • inclusive Mapping Pilot project trialled emerging technologies (Briometrix) to deliver enhanced transport network information for people with mobility challenges (wheelchair/other device users, injured and people pushing prams).
  • human resource career pathways program in action, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island traineeship program, Executive Champions for: 
    • Gender Equity
    • Inclusion and Diversity 
    • People with Disability. TMR hosted 10 people with varying levels of disability for 2019 AccessAbility Day.
  • TransLink Disability Action Plan 2018-2022 released, with accessible versions online.
  • Indigenous Driver Licensing Program - aims to reduce unlicensed driving in remote and Indigenous communities in far north Queensland including Cape York, the Gulf and Torres Strait islands.

Work ahead

We are working towards delivering our vision of creating a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone, by:

  • leading the National Accessible Transport Taskforce (NATT) to review and  modernise the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) 2002 (Cth)
  • developing the TMR Accessibility and Inclusion (AI) Action Plan (the Action Plan) to focus on key accessibility projects: initiating change, embedding guiding principles and making accessibility and inclusion business as usual across Queensland’s transport network. The Action Plan will document TMR’s accessibility and inclusion journey, through programs of work to be implemented over the next: 
    • 1-3 years, 
    • 3-5 years 
    • 5-10 years.

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Last updated 16 July 2020