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  1. Mount Lindesay Highway (Brisbane - Beaudesert) - Johanna Street to South Street upgrade

    The Mount Lindesay Highway at Jimboomba will be upgraded to improve safety, reduce congestion and improve shared path connectivity...

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  2. Mount Lindesay Highway—Camp Cable to Johanna Street Jimboomba

    The Mount Lindesay Highway is being upgraded to 4 lanes between Camp Cable Road and Johanna Street Jimboomba...

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  3. Mount Lindesay Highway—Beaudesert Town Centre Bypass

    The bypass was open in September 2017 and has reduced the flow of heavy vehicle traffic in the Beaudesert town centre by providing a more efficient alternative route...

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  4. Mount Lindesay Highway—South Maclean safety improvements

    We completed safety improvements on the Mount Lindesay Highway at South Maclean to improve safety and reduce congestion...

    Mount Lindesay Highway South Maclean Safety Improvement Project
  5. Mount Lindesay Highway—Rosia Road to Stoney Camp Road

    We are planning to upgrade the Mount Lindesay Highway between Rosia and Stoney Camp Roads at Park Ridge South ...

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  6. Mount Lindesay Highway—North Maclean safety improvements

    We completed a safety improvement upgrade on the Mount Lindesay Highway at North Maclean...

    Mt Lindesay Highway North Maclean Safety Improvement Project